Corrie’s Chris: ‘Peter has feelings for Carla!’

Coronation Streets Chris Gascoyne warns Soaplife that Peter may not love Leanne enough to have a baby…

Peter’s not sure he wants to be a daddy again but he’s playing a dangerous game confiding in Carla. “Carla and Peter are kindred spirits, they need each other,” Chris tells Soaplife. He wants to watch out… With three dead ex-lovers already to Carla’s name, she could be the last person he needs!

Did Peter want a baby with Leanne before he finds out she’s pregnant?

“Leanne had tried to talk about it a few times but he never told her how he felt – which was that he’s nervous about it, that it’s too soon after the accident and everything.”

So how does he react to her baby news?

“He tries to convince himself it’s good news but he confides in Ken that he maybe thinks it’s too soon and he isn’t sure he’s ready to be a dad again. And, let’s face it, he still has the whole issue of his feelings for Carla to deal with.”

And what are those feelings?

“There’s definitely still something between them. Leanne’s stronger than Peter and he doesn’t feel she really needs him, whereas he and Carla have a shared experience with the drink problem.”

Is he jealous of Carla getting together with Frank?

“He is struggling. He can see them having a great time, with no problems to deal with. So, yes, he is jealous.”

Does Leanne know how he feels about Carla?

“They row because he told Carla about the baby and Leanne wanted to keep it a secret for a while, so telling Carla of all people was not the right thing to do. Leanne and Peter both say things they regret and he storms out.”

Leanne chases after him and falls down the stairs! Then what happens?

“She ends up in hospital and he’s absolutely devastated. He feels responsible. It’s a real wake-up call for Peter as he sits by her bed willing her to recover. He has feelings for Carla but he does love Leanne deeply.”

Yet it’s Carla he turns to when he has another row with Leanne…

“Whenever things aren’t going well he finds himself turning to Carla and she chooses now to tell him that she still loves him!”

And she kisses him!.. How does Peter react?

“It’s a really charged moment for them!”

Could Peter have an affair with Carla?

“Yes, he could be tempted into an affair. Carla is an itch he has to scratch and it’s very destructive for his relationship with Leanne. This is not the end of Peter and Carla.”