Corrie’s Chris: ‘Peter makes Tina his mistress!’

Chris Gascoigne tells Soaplife that Peter’s need for quick thrills is satisfied when Tina agrees to be his other woman…

So Peter missed Tina when she was gone, then?
“He was constantly thinking about her – she really brings out the passion in him. But he also felt a sense of relief because temptation was removed.”

So how does he feel now she’s back?
“He thinks she’s back because of him. He’s disappointed when she tells him she’s only back for the rest of her belongings and he’s jealous when Carla tries to set Tina up with Rob.”

And he quickly gets her back in his bed, doesn’t he?
“Yes, their affair heats up. Peter even hands Tina the keys to his flat and tells her they’ll have plenty of time together because Carla’s going to be in Paris all week. There’s a hiccup when Carla surprises him with a ticket to Paris for Valentine’s but he sleeps with Tina before he leaves and jumps straight back into bed with her when he returns!”

And they nearly get caught!
“Steve sees a light in the flat and lets himself in to check that everything’s OK because, of course, he thinks Carla and Peter are in Paris. But Peter’s come back ahead of Carla.”

He’s asking for trouble, isn’t he?
“Well, isn’t it inevitable they’ll be found out? Peter’s caught up in the moment, though. Consequences aren’t crossing his mind.”

Doesn’t he feel guilty?
“Lust has taken over – he has a beautiful wife and a beautiful mistress. He must feel a bit guilty but he can’t help himself.”

Is this his perfect life: a wife and a mistress?
“Right now it is. He really likes and fancies Tina but he loves Carla and doesn’t want to lose her. As long as nobody finds out, then he reckons nobody gets hurt.”

What if Tina gets pregnant?
“That’ll be a nightmare for Peter. As much as he likes Tina, he will never leave Carla for her.”