Coronation Street’s Chris Gascoyne talks to Soaplife about Peter’s latest addiction: gambling – and how it could cost him everything…

Things go badly wrong for Peter, don’t they, when he tries to save his business in Coronation Street?

“Yes. Peter’s feeling under a lot of strain. Carla’s doing so well and he’s doing very badly. He’s always happy for Carla and her triumphs, but he can’t help being overtaken by his own situation. It’s really dragging him down.’

In a desperate bid to come out on top, he offers crazy odds at the bookies…

“Yes. At first he does make a bit of money and then he thinks he’s made the right move. Deep down Peter knows he’s wrong but he wants to be back on top too quickly. Carla tells him to go slow and steady with the business but there’s something in Peter that tells him it’s better to be reckless and fast because that’s how he’s always been. He wants too much too soon.”

Peter gets a buzz out of offering such crazy odds, doesn’t he?

“Because he’s given up the drink he’s always looking for that little bit of escapism. Even when his reckless gambling puts his business on the line it’s actually quite exciting for him.”

But he’s gambling with his future!

“And it’s sad. Even though he has lots more going for him in his life, the thought of losing his bookies makes him feel as though he’ll lose everything – including Carla.”