Coronation Street star Chris Gascoyne has revealed Peter Barlow is to take a huge gamble on his business in a bid to compete with girlfriend Carla Connor’s success.

Carla’s business at the factory is doing well, and bookmaker Peter is feeling overshadowed in their relationship. So he is set to offer dangerously competitive odds in a bid to boost his fortune, but it could ruin his relationship with Carla.

Chris told “Peter’s feeling under a lot of strain at the minute. Carla’s doing so well and he’s doing very badly, and I think that’s affecting their relationship.

“Carla tells him to go slow and steady with the business. But there’s something in Peter that tells him that it’s better to be reckless and fast because that’s how he’s always been. He wants too much too soon.

“He has an instant reaction to tell Carla to mind her own business, but then in hindsight he realises that she’s only trying to help him and do the best she can by him.

“Peter fails to consult Carla before offering the potentially business-threatening odds.

“Peter seems to forget that she owns half the bookies now. He can’t stand the thought that she has to be involved in the running of his business.”

The Coronation Street actor thinks recovering alcoholic Peter is looking for a new thrill.

He said: “Deep down he knows it’s a dangerous move, but Peter wants to be back on top too quickly. He wants to run before he can walk.

“He’s lost almost everything so he panics and wants to get the business back to where it once was.

“Even when his business is on the line, it’s actually quite exciting for him in a strange kind of way. Because he’s given up the drink he’s always looking for that little bit of escapism.”