Corrie’s Chris: ‘Tommy could lose everything!’

Coronation Street‘s Chris Fountain reveals to Soaplife how trying to protect Tyrone from violent Kirsty leads to Tommy and Tina being shunned by their friends and neighbours

It’s Tommy who gets Kirsty to come back to Tyrone. Then Tina tells him how she’s hurt Tyrone. How does Tommy feel?

“Gutted. He thought he was doing the right thing; he genuinely thought he was doing something to help Tyrone. Now he’s asking himself what he’s done.”

Then Tyrone comes to work with a burn on his hand…

“Tyrone tells him it was an accident, but Tommy thinks Kirsty did it. So later, when Kirsty starts claiming that Tina is after Tyrone, it’s too much. Tommy loses his rag and tells Kirsty he wants to talk about what she’s been doing to Tyrone – even though he was supposed to keep his mouth shut.”

That leads to Kirsty demanding Tyrone makes a choice: it’s either her or Tommy…

“And Tommy loses his job. Then, in The Rovers, Kirsty’s gloating about the baby and that she’s back with Tyrone and Tommy sees red again. He starts shouting at Kirsty about how she’s been abusing Tyrone, but then Tyrone tells everyone about Tommy’s drug couriering and Tommy ends up the villain! No one believes Tommy and Tina about Kirsty! Tyrone tells people Kirsty doesn’t hit him and Tommy can’t figure out why Tyrone is lying. He’s also upset because now he can’t get a job on the Street as everyone thinks he’s the liar… and he’s not!”

What about Tommy and Tina?

“Who knows? They’ve been through so much in such a short period of time. It’s sad really because they’re a young couple not having much fun. They’ve never really had a smooth run at their relationship and this will affect it for sure.”

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