Coronation Street’s Chris Fountain chats to Soaplife about Tommy’s renewed hopes for a future with Tina – and how it all goes wrong for him, again!

So, Tommy and Tina are spending more time together…

“Yes. Tommy’s still quite bitter about the surrogacy but, deep down, he knows Tina’s doing this to clear their debts. They arrange to go out for dinner, but Tommy clarifies that it would just be as mates. You can tell, though, that underneath he’s really excited about spending time with her.”

And then he starts to think that Gary’s exciting about spending time with Tina, too…

”There are a few things that happen, but it’s when Tommy and Tina go for a meal and Gary turns up that Tommy really starts to wonder. Gary has found her dad’s wedding ring that was stolen when her flat was burgled and he gives it to her. That’s when Tommy starts to hear alarm bells.”

Is Tommy jealous or concerned?

”Tommy’s angry, really, because one of the reasons they broke up was because Gary, Izzy, Owen and Anna were always there and couldn’t leave Tina alone. So when Gary turns up while they’re having dinner, Tommy does not like it one bit.”

And he makes a scene. Is it bad?

“Tommy has got a bit of a temper so when Gary appears he says he knows exactly what’s happening: Gary fancies Tina – and then he just walks out.”

Has he blown his chance with Tina again?

“Maybe. Tina can’t see that Gary fancies her so Tommy’s reaction makes him look like a right idiot. But he thinks he did the right thing, just in the wrong way…”