Corrie’s Chris: ‘Tommy sees Sian as a challenge’

Coronation Street‘s Chris Fountain explains to Soaplife how Sophie’s revenge for Tommy making a pass at Sian leads to him being caught with his pants down… literally!

Tommy Duckworth hasn’t been on the Street for long, but he has already made it clear that women are his main interest. He’s been flirting with Tina and now tries to pull Sian, even though she’s gay. Poor Ty can only look on in envy. Soaplife talks to Chris about the waves his character is making in Weatherfield…

Tommy’s a real flirt and has already caused problems for Tina with Graeme…

“He likes Tina – he’s got a real thing for her. He thinks she’s gorgeous and can’t see what she’s doing with Graeme. Hopefully there will be more between those two.”

Yet he starts chasing after Sian…

“He’s taken a shine to her and the fact that she’s a lesbian seems to spur him on. She’s a challenge.”

We hear he has a bet with Jason over turning Sian straight…

“Jason tells Tommy he hasn’t got a chance with Sian, so he says he can turn her straight and bets £50. He offers her some driving lessons in Tyrone’s car and goes in for a kiss. She’s like ‘What the hell are you doing?’ and runs off.”

Then Sophie finds out about the bet…

“And Rosie decides to get revenge on her behalf. She asks Tommy to come round to fix a leak. She flirts and asks him to wait in the bedroom. Tommy comes down in his boxers to be greeted by Jason, Sian and Sophie.”

Do Jason and Tommy fall out over it?

“Jason’s really angry, but Tommy somehow flips it round and Jason ends up being the one who feels bad.”

Would Tommy ever go for an older woman?

“He’s attracted to any lady. Carla and Tracy are renowned for being man-eaters, but he would give them a run for their money.”

Is Tommy be around for a while?

“He is sticking around for a bit, but he’s a free spirit and wherever he lays his hat, he sleeps. If there was a reason for it, I think he’d stick around on a permanent basis.”

What’s next for him?

“A few more pranks, some cheeky humour and there is something a little more serious coming up, but I can’t tell you what just yet…”

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