Corrie’s Craig: ‘Xin has some feelings for Graeme’

Coronation Street‘s Craig Gazey explains why Graeme’s sham relationship with Xin is putting a strain on his relationship with Tina…

How is Graeme feeling as the wedding approaches? Is he having doubts?

“Yeah he is getting increasingly nervous about it. Tina says ‘you’ll just get married and that’s it’, but Graeme knows it will be more complicated than that.”

Why doesn’t he back out?

“He is a softy. Tina is the girl of his dreams and he does what she asks.”

Is it hard keeping up the pretence and not being with Tina?

“It’s awful. The pretence is relentless.”

Why are they having a double wedding with Kylie and David? Doesn’t that just complicate things?

“They try to book a registry office but they don’t have any luck and Xin’s visa runs out soon. David and Kylie know the story behind it, but this big extravagant wedding actually draws attention to Xin and Graeme.”

Rita catches Graeme and Tina during a romantic moment…

“Graeme and Tina are getting it on on the sofa when Rita comes in.”

Do you think Rita has suspicions?

“No. Rita comes up to say her piece on how we are treating Tina who is behind the sofa feeling guilty.”

Does it change Tina’s mind about things?

“Yes. Tina tells Graeme thay can’t see each other any more.”

No more sneaky kisses?

“They have one final kiss on the day of the wedding and Norris catches them. So Tina goes to the wedding, because she doesn’t want Norris to say anything.”

Is Graeme still scared he could go to prison if he gets caught?

“Yes. Even though he’s getting no money for it, it is still illegal.”

Does he resent Tina at all for putting him in this position?

“The resentment is more towards Xin because she starts to get bossy and tries to take over his life.”

Have they worked out a plan for after he’s married? Or how long he will have to stay married?

“Their plan is that in a few weeks Xin will hop off. However, they find out that immigration are coming round because of Mary.”

Do you think Graeme could fall for Xin?

“At the minute, his feelings are not directed at Xin, but I think she does have some feelings for him.”

How does Graeme feel about the whole Tommy Duckworth situation?

“Tina comes out of the house while Graeme is doing his window round and then he sees a half naked Tommy. My own heart sank when I read it. Tina assures him that nothing has happened.”

What’s been the fans reaction over Graeme’s decision to leave?

“It’s been very sweet. Everyone’s been saying that they don’t want me to go and within half an hour of the press release I was trending on Twitter.”

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