Corrie’s Dan Brocklebank: ‘Todd tells Billy to leave when he reveals his feelings. But that changes’

It’s all over for Sean and Billy as Coronation Street’s vicar reveals his feelings for Todd, Daniel Brocklebank tells Soaplife…

Billy has grown close to Todd, hasn’t he?
“Yes. Billy’s in turmoil over his addict brother Lee [Richard Crehan] and, rather than confide in boyfriend Sean, Todd has become Billy’s shoulder to cry on… They’ve also become close because of the Sarah connection.”

Then Sean sees Billy hug Todd and decides to dump him!
“Sean [Antony Cotton] tells Billy they’re over because he saw Billy and Todd hugging when Sean and Billy were meant to be having a cosy lunch together.”

How does Billy feel?
“He’s got so much going on with Lee that it seems like the least of his worries.”

Does Sean get to find out about Lee?
“Billy tells him after they’ve split. Sean’s very hurt that Billy chose not to confide in him. Billy tells Sean that he deserves a better man than him and that they should definitely separate. Sean is gutted.”

And then?
“Billy tells Todd [Bruno Langley] he has feelings for him and says it’s over with Sean.”

Sean sees Billy with Todd – and doesn’t like what he sees


What does Billy see in Todd?
“There’s always been rather a fractious feeling between Billy and Todd, but I think that might have hidden an attraction. It’s a slow burner. When Todd’s with Sarah [Tina O’Brien] Billy sees a side he’s never seen before – a much softer, caring side. He’s like that with Billy, too, when he opens up about Lee.”

What does Todd say when Billy confesses his feelings?
“He asks Billy to leave and tells him he doesn’t want any of it. That’s his initial reaction – but it changes.”

Coronation Street, ITV


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