Coronation Street actor David Neilson has admitted that his character Roy Cropper is tormented over terminally ill wife Hayley’s decision to take her own life.

Monday night’s double bill of episodes will see Hayley (Julie Hesmondhalgh) go through with her plan to commit suicide in spite of Roy attempting to persuade her otherwise.

But as David explained, her controversial decision leaves Roy feeling like he has ‘fallen out of love’ with her.

“Roy is conflicted but he is immensely loyal to Hayley but has told a lie in saying that he will support her wholeheartedly,” the actor told The Sun.

“He is not supporting her, he doesn’t agree with it. To him it is a selfish act.

David added that Roy will face ‘tremendous grief’ following Hayley’s death, which “displays itself in all sorts of ways”.

“Roy feels betrayed and almost like he has fallen out of love,” he explained.

“He feels anger, confusion, even doubts about the basis of their relationship — it makes him question everything.

“The cancer is horrible but the fact Hayley takes herself away from him before she has to is horrible, too, and something Roy can’t understand. Moving forward, he will continue to struggle.”

The heartbreaking scenes will be featured in the second episode of Monday night’s Corrie double bill at 8.30pm.