New Coronation Street actor Dean Fagan says his character Luke’s ready and willing to get in deep with cougar Carla Barlow.

Luke will soon be seen getting involved with Carla after her tumultuous marriage with Peter Barlow hits the skids in Coronation Street, which won Best Soap at the Freesat Awards in London on Tuesday.

Dean told What’s on TV: “I find her attractive, as Luke does. She comes into the garage one day and the first thing I see are her legs and I think I ‘Hmm, this is interesting’ and we have a conversation and the more we talk the more I get to know her and get to feel for her and her situation. I kind of want to take care of her and she wants to do the same with me, possibly.

“Obviously with everything Carla’s been through, there’s the essence of a rebound, in her getting over Peter Barlow.”

Does he think the relationship has legs? “Who knows? We’ll leave that one to the writers…”