Coronation Street‘s Debbie Rush shares with Soaplife the fears that Anna has over Faye’s new-found relationship with her father


No matter what Anna says or does, Faye’s determined to see her dad. How does Anna feel?

“She’s really concerned that he might be a wrong ‘un like her mum was. Faye’s mother was a heroin addict who died when Anna first started fostering Faye. Nobody has ever mentioned her father, other than that he left the family when Faye was only two.” 

But banning Faye from see him doesn’t work, does it? She sneaks off to see him…

“And that reinforces Anna’s fear that this man is being a bad influence on her. All of a sudden the old, troublesome Faye is re-emerging.”

But Faye’s dad Tim brings her home and tells Anna that he thought she had OK’d their meetings…

“Tim’s not at all what Anna has been expecting. He’s much more respectable, but that makes her even more wary of him. She doesn’t understand why he disappeared from Faye’s life and why he now wants to be involved.”

He wants more than that…he wants visiting rights!
“And Anna’s furious. As far as she’s concerned she adopted a child who has no family and all of a sudden someone has turned up and wants rights.”

Owen’s not happy, either, is he?
“He’s upset because Faye was starting to treat him more like a dad and now he feels very pushed out.”

So why does Anna invite Tim round for tea?

”Because Faye wants him to come. It’s funny because normally Anna’s the best hostess, but she just plonks down beans on toast. Still, when Owen arrives home it looks like they’re playing happy families and it doesn’t go down well.”

If Anna had to choose between Faye and Owen, who would she choose?

“She made that decision when Eddie was around and I think she would choose Faye again, but it would be more difficult now because she really does care for Owen.”