Corrie’s Debbie Rush: ‘Anna will take Faye from Tim’

Debbie Rush warns Soaplife that Anna’s anger will know no bounds when she discovers that Faye has been living alone in Coronation Street..

Anna’s never been happy about Faye living with Tim, has she?
“That’s putting it mildly! She misses Faye desperately, but she loves her daughter and put her happiness first when she allowed her to live with Tim. The only reason she let Faye go is because she thought it was better than having a tug-of-love war with Faye caught in the middle.”

And she thought Faye would soon come home…
“Yes. Anna thought Faye would soon realise which side her bread’s buttered and come home. And she thought that by now Faye would have noticed Tim’s flaws.”

Faye has, but she’s hiding this from Anna, isn’t she?
“Yes. Anna thinks Faye’s convinced Tim can do no wrong, even though he’s making so many mistakes. She doesn’t suspect that Faye is actually having little doubts about being with her dad. But Faye always makes excuses for Tim.”

How angry will Anna be when she finds out Faye’s been living alone?
“Oh, she’ll be absolutely livid! As far as she’s concerned, Tim has no idea how to be a parent.”

But Faye told him she’d stay with Anna while he was away…
“The girl’s only 11 – it was up to Tim to sort it out. He hasn’t even rung to see if Fay’s OK!”

So what’s going to happen to Faye?
“Anna won’t give Faye a choice; she’ll make her live with her. Faye just isn’t safe at Tim’s, even though Anna knows that Faye adores her dad.”

Will this be good or bad?
“Faye will begin to understand that she is very well loved and looked after by Anna – even though she loves her dad, too.”


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