Coronation Street‘s Debbie Rush says Anna is stunned when she suddenly finds herself helping Faye give birth to a baby girl…

How does Anna discover Faye is having a baby?

“Craig rushes over and asks Anna and Owen to come quickly to the flat above the corner shop and help. Anna’s really scared and thinks Faye must have hurt herself.”

What’s the scene that greets Anna?

“Faye’s on the floor, screaming and in a lot of pain. It’s not until Faye, in the midst of her contractions, screams she’s having a baby that Anna realises what’s wrong.”

How does Anna react?

“She’s shocked, but switches to automatic pilot. Her little girl is in enormous pain and that’s all she can think about.”

How does Faye cope with labour?

“At 13 years of age she’s completely out of her depth and terrified. She’s not at all prepared. In addition to the shock and pain of labour, [adopted] Faye’s frightened Anna will ‘send her back’.”

And after Faye gives birth to a baby girl?

“Anna wants to know who the father is. All fingers point at Craig, but Faye tells Anna that Craig’s not the father – it’s another lad from school.”

Does Anna blame herself for Faye’s condition?

“She feels guilty because she didn’t even realise Faye had been with a boy. In that sense she blames herself.”

How will Faye cope with being a teenage mother?

“Faye will struggle. We’ll see she’s a vulnerable little girl, unable to cope with this other life she’s responsible for.”