It started at Christmas, now Coronation Street’s Anna and Kevin finally get together, Debbie Rush reveals to Soaplife.

When did Anna first realise there was a spark with Kevin?

“There was the near-kiss under the mistletoe and their New Year’s peck, but Anna’s emotions really became involved when she saw the way Kevin [Michael Le Vell] was with his family over Christmas. He’s so nice and her heart melted.”

But she’s been put off because he’s Sally’s ex, right?

“Yes. Anna’s not intimidated by Sally, she just doesn’t want any aggro. It’s incredibly complicated being part of a blended family – and theirs is overly blended already! She’s also cautious because it’s not that long since Owen [Ian Puleston-Davies] left.”

But she changes her mind. Why?

“Kevin comes into the cafe and asks Anna out, telling her she should think of herself rather than the effect them dating may have on the likes of Sally [Sally Dynevor] – she decides to do just that. They get in the back of a black cab to head off into town and there’s a lot of kissing going on! For their next date, Anna asks Kevin to her flat, but they still keep everything secret because Anna doesn’t want anyone to know.”

And they’re interrupted at Anna’s, aren’t they?

“Yes – by Sally! Faye’s at Tim [Joe Duttine] and Sally’s while Anna has her secret rendezvous and Sally makes an excuse to go round with Faye [Ellie Leach] to get a DVD. They let themselves in and very nearly catch Anna and Kevin in the act. Anna hears them on the stairs so she hides Kevin in the bedroom. Sally starts snooping – she knows somebody is in the flat, but she hasn’t got a clue it’s Kevin, which is quite funny.”

We know the twisted Phelan’s coming back – could this ruin Anna’s new-found happiness?

“Most definitely, Phelan [Connor McIntyre] wants to ruin everything for Anna… Maybe because his wife saw his true colours, took him to the cleaners and his life is in ruins, or maybe because Anna rejected him. Also, Anna will not tell Kevin that she was forced into having sex with Phelan. So the fact that she’s keeping this big secret from him is eating her up and could mean another relationship ruined.”

Coronation Street, ITV