Corrie’s Dev to ‘alienate’ friends in search for truth

Coronation Street star Jimmi Harkishin says grieving widower Dev Alahan will drive away his friends when he tries to prove Sunita did not start the Rovers Return fire.

Dev realises Sunita could not have been responsible for the arson attack which led to her death, but while he tries to prove her innocence, the real culprit Karl Munro tries to convince everyone Dev is mad in a bid to save himself.

Jimmi revealed: “You’ll see that Dev goes over and over the same points and the same questions, and in doing so, he alienates a lot of people. It’s like he’s got a bone that he just can’t let go of.”

Karl tries to make the Coronation Street locals think Dev is insane.

But Jimmi warned: “I think most people are worried for Dev’s mental state! Quite rightly as well. Dev is totally fractured and his behaviour is obsessive and slightly erratic. But the obsession he has for finding the truth comes from severe stress.

“He knows that that’s going on and that these things are being said to him and about him, but he just cannot be told. He’s not aggressive about it, that’s just the way it is for him. He has to keep going over it because he can’t help himself!”


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