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Corrie’s Faye Brookes wins National TV Award! “It’s a real stamp of approval!” (VIDEO)

Corrie's Faye Brookes walked off with the NTA for Best Newcomer, an award she believed marked viewers' stamp of approval of Kate Connor

Coronation Street‘s Faye Brookes says she feels her National TV Awards recognition is a ‘real stamp of approval’ from viewers.

The actress who plays Kate Connor was named Best Newcomer at the 2017 NTAs.

She told What’s on TV: “It’s come completely out of the blue. If anything it’s just a recognition, a newcomer into a soap… it means you really have got that stamp of approval on my character. It means they like Kate so I’m happy. If they’re happy, I’m happy.”

Faye reflected on Kate’s traumatic year, when fiancee Caz turned bunny boiler on her and said ‘I had to take a break from that’.

“It 2017 she’s going to find some new friends, she’s definitely going to get some new responsibility, find her feet more in Weatherfield and maybe, maybe a new love interest.”


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