Corrie’s Frank loves having power over two women

Coronation Street’s Andrew Lancel tells Soaplife that Frank won’t let Maria get away with accusing him of rape.

Does Frank really believe he’s innocent of Maria’s sexual assault accusation?

“He does. He admits he went too far, but accusing him of rape is way off the deep end for Frank. He knows he messed up and now he wants to smooth things over.”

Is he worried she might go to the police?

“If she won’t let it go he’ll put the knife in. Don’t mess with Frank. He doesn’t worry about using force of a different kind to keep her quiet. He turns things around and says he could take her to court over what she is saying. That takes some ego. I’m not trying to justify what he did… He’s a bad man.”

Why doesn’t he just walk away from Maria and the factory?

“He’s placed an important order and he’s determined to stay and keep an eye on it and act like he did nothing wrong. If Mike Baldwin was running Underworld, Frank wouldn’t be interested in it, but it’s run by two beautiful women and he’s got power over them as they aren’t doing that well.”

Maria misses a deadline. Does Frank enjoy putting pressure on her?

“Carla’s away and Frank checks on his order and finds Maria struggling. She cried rape and is making life difficult for him so he enjoys the power he now has over her from a business point of view.”

Would he consider going further and actually buying into the factory?

“There’s money to be made and he likes being very close to Maria and Carla.”

Could he be dangerous towards Maria again if she continues to provoke him?

“Yes… But I don’t know how far he would go.”

What’s going on with Frank and Tracy?

“It’s all about the sex. He also feels being in a relationship with Tracy helps discredit what Maria is saying about him.”

Wasn’t he put off when he heard she murdered her last boyfriend?

“He just thinks ‘Bring it on.’ He isn’t at all bothered about Tracy’s past.”

Are you enjoying being the Street’s new villain?

“I am and I hope Frank is one of the villains people love to hate. He’s charismatic, charming and you’re never quite sure what he’ll do next. I hope people love watching him to find out…”

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