Corrie’s Georgia: ‘Katy never stopped loving Ches’

Coronation Street’s Georgia May Foote has revealed that her character Katy Armstrong is still in love with Chesney Brown.

Katy, who has a child with Chesney (Sam Aston), decides to ask her ex to give their romance another chance after she catches Ryan Connor (Sol Heras) red-handed with another woman.

“Ryan wanted Katy but not the baggage, so now he’s losing interest,” she told Coronation Street‘s website.

“Katy’s used to being with someone who likes the same things as her and wants to stay home with the family, but that’s not who Ryan is. This is exactly what she did to Chesney, but now she knows how it feels too. She just feels so stupid.”

Katy, who sacrificed her relationship with Chesney for the thrill of Ryan, feels a bit embarrassed that it backfired on her and asks Chesney for a second try.

“I don’t think she ever stopped being in love with Ches. She’ll always love him, he’s Joseph’s dad. Now she realises how well Chesney treated her,” Georgia said.

However, she’s got some competition with Sinead (Katie McGlynn), who seems to be getting closer to Chesney.

“Katy feels as though Sinead’s just come along and jumped in her grave. Katy misses the family unit, she came from a broken home and she doesn’t want that for neither her nor Joseph,” the actress added.