Corrie’s Georgia: ‘Katy offers to be a surrogate!’

Coronation Street‘s Georgia May Foote reveals to Soaplife how Katy thinks she can make her sister Izzy happy – by having her baby!

First, Katy asks Izzy and Gary to be godparents, right?

“Yes. It’s giving them something back. If they can’t have a child, a big part in their nephew’s life might be the next best thing.”

But then, out of the blue, Katy offers to have a surrogate baby for them! Why?

“Anna puts the idea of adoption into Izzy and Gary’s heads, but they’re crushed when they find out Gary’s criminal record is against them. On the spur of the moment, Katy says, ‘I can do it for you.'”

But she has already struggled with Joseph!

“That’s what everybody else is saying, but all she can think about is helping her sister. Izzy has done a lot for Katy from a young age as her mum wasn’t around and she really wants to give back.”

Hmmm. Shouldn’t she have thought this through, first?

“Yes, but even when people keep telling her that it’s a daft idea, she’s like, ‘No, actually, it isn’t.’ She talks Izzy round and Gary, it’s just Chesney who is not sure about it. And Owen, obviously. They’re worried about how she will handle it, having to hand over her baby. What if she bonds with it before it is born? They’re worried about all those things.”

At what point does she tell Chesney?

“Not at first. Katy, Izzy and Gary make this big decision and then they go and see the doctor to talk it through.”

And Owen finds out at Joseph’s christening…

“And he is really not happy. He starts shouting at Katy. He still thinks that at 18 she is too young. She is still his little girl and he wasn’t happy about her Joseph. Plus, he doesn’t think it’s good for Gary to have a child, not with all his problems.”

Does she change her mind?

“If anything it makes her more determined to do it. She is adamant that she will have this baby for Izzy no matter what anybody says. When Chesney goes mad, she says he will not make her choose between him or Izzy.”