Georgia May Foote talks to Soaplife about Katy’s tangled love life – and how she ends up cutting herself free of Chesney in Coronation Street!

So, does Katy want Ryan or Chesney?

“Both! She keeps telling everyone it was just a bit of fun with Ryan. She tells Chesney it was nothing, but I think she does have some feelings for Ryan, that’s why she keeps going back. I think she does love Chesney and Ryan’s not someone she wants to be with long term, but at the moment she can’t resist him.”

She’s jealous, though, when she sees Chesney with another girl…

“Yes. They have a heart to heart and decide to try and get back together slowly and make things work. You can see they both love each other, but then it all goes horribly wrong…”

What happens?

“Katy and Chesney have arranged a date for later, but then he sees her talking to Ryan. He asks Katy what’s going on and takes her phone and scrolls through her messages – just as one pops up from Ryan!”

So, Chesney’s not in the mood for a date, then…

No. Katy’s angry and decides that if he can’t trust her and take her back she’s going to go out and have a good time…with Ryan.”

And she stays the night at Ryan’s. Do they sleep together?

“Katy gets very drunk so nothing happens, but Chesney thinks it has and that’s the final nail in the coffin.”

He dumps her?

“It’s Katy who eventually decides they’re finished because Ches refuses to trust her and she can’t be with someone who doesn’t trust her.”

Does she think she has a future with Ryan?

“I don’t think he’s that serious, and I also don’t think Katy’s thought about a future with Ryan and Joseph. She has no idea what Ryan would even be like with her baby.”

Is it definitely over between Katy and Chesney?

“If he doesn’t trust her then I don’t know if she would think there was any point in going back. I hope she’d try again for Joseph’s sake, but knowing Katy she’d probably want it on her terms!”