Corrie’s Graeme: ‘John is completely deranged’

Coronation Street‘s Graeme Hawley talks to Soaplife about John Stape’s dramatic departure from Weatherfield.

With Chesney locked in a cellar along with Charlotte’s parents and news that the floor of Underworld is about to be dug up, John Stape’s web of deceit is unraveling. Is it the end for him when he ends up on the hospital roof with baby Hope in his arms? Soaplife caught up with Graeme to find out.

First, John thinks he can sneak Colin’s body without being caught…

“Yes. He tells Fiz at 10pm that he’s off to work and finally, after all these these years, she makes the connection and follows him. She arrives at the factory to see John with a dead body.”

Whoops! How does she react?

“She’s horrified. First she thinks John has found a dead body and then she thinks it might be Chesney. That’s when John admits it’s Colin Fishwick.”

Does he confess to all his killings?

“No. He tells Fiz that he didn’t kill Colin, but she wants to call the police. John then points out that she’ll also be in a lot of trouble if the police find out.”

What happens then?

“Fiz helps John dump the body in the canal.”


“Yes. And then John manages to convince her that they should go on the run together.”

But they don’t go straight away. Why?

“Because Fiz doesn’t want to leave until Chesney turns up.”

Ah, yes. What will John do about Ches?

“His hand is forced when Katy turns up and says she’s having an abortion because she thinks Chesney has done a runner. John can’t let her go through with it and tells her he has spoken to Chesney. Then he goes to the cellar and tries to threaten Chesney. In the throes of this, he admits killing Charlotte just as Fiz walks in. John makes a vain attempt to explain himself and then runs for it.”

Where does he go?

“He hides. He’s completely deranged by now and the police are looking for him.”

But Fiz finds him first…

“Yes, and John asks her to run away with him, but she refuses and he runs off with Hope.”

And he ends up on a hospital roof with the baby?

“He’s leaving the hospital with Hope, but the police arrive. He panics; runs back inside and goes up some stairs, which take him to the roof.”


“He’s lost the plot and hasn’t had any happy medicine for days. All he wants to do is escape, but he’s 60ft up and surrounded by police. The fear you see in his eyes is real because heights make my legs buckle!”

Will he jump or fall?

“That would be telling. The episode is aired after the watershed, so we can do things we don’t normally do. John is right back to animal instincts. He has nowhere to go, so anything could happen.”

Is this the last we see of John?

“All I can say is: you won’t be seeing him anywhere near The Rovers Return.”

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