Coronation Street’s Gray O’Brien says Tony loves Maria like he’s never loved anyone before… and he’ll do anything not to lose her!

Helen and Barry Connor turn up for baby Liam’s christening. Doesn’t it worry Tony that they disapprove of his relationship with Maria?

“Tony knows Helen and Barry hate him and have the potential to cause problems, but he has to go along with it for Maria’s sake.”

Might they affect Maria’s feelings for him?

“Maria says it’s not up to them how she lives and Barry and Helen will have to deal with their relationship. But when they start to stick their oar in it may be a different story.”

Is he worried he’ll have to move out like he did last time the Connors came?

“If Maria asked him to go he’d be distraught that she might be thinking of ending things. Maria and the baby mean everything to him – and he’s so close to getting what he wants.”

The word’s out that Tony proposes to Maria. At what point does he decide this?

“He and Maria had a fantastic time in Paris and he loves looking after Liam – he’s right there doing the nappies and the feeds. He sees them as his family and he wants everyone else to.”

Why does he propose when they‘re at Liam’s graveside of all places?

“They’re at the grave on the anniversary of Liam’s death when Maria tells Tony she wants to look to the future. He realises he’s never felt like this about anyone before and proposes. It’s impulsive and not planned at all.”

Is he confident Maria will say yes?

“Well, she does! It’s a very tender moment where they can both see how much they love each other.”

Will he want to officially adopt baby Liam?

“Maria has the idea and Tony’s moved by it.”

How does he feel knowing it’s been a year since he had Liam killed?

“He feels immense guilt.”

Tony gets his first warning that Carla’s still out there with his secret. What happens?

“Luke gets a call from Carla’s solicitor about her shares in the factory. It seems Luke’s defaulted on his payment for Carla’s shares in the business and now his shares have defaulted back to her. When Tony finds out he’s gutted.”

Did Tony think Carla was out of his life for ever… And is he scared she’ll return and cause trouble?

“He had hoped she was out of his life for ever but he was obviously wrong…”

Word is Tony will set up Jimmy to kill Carla when she does return. Would Tony really kill again?

“He’ll do whatever it takes to protect himself and his family dream and if Carla gets in the way he’ll have to get rid of her… Tony’s capable of anything when pushed.”

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