Corrie’s Hayley: ‘Andrea’s going to play dirty!’

Coronation Street’s Hayley Tamaddon reveals that Andrea is determined to find her Mr Right… but does she think he’s Steve – or Lloyd?

Andrea really fancies Steve, not Lloyd, right?
“She does fancy Steve. She thinks he could be her Mr Right. In her head she does see them as being more than just friends at some point.”

But he’s spoken for!
“Yeah, but it’s not as if she’s become friends with Michelle, who’s been very unpleasant to her from the off. I think Andrea’s had her heart broken in the past and, having raised her 20-year-old daughter on her own, she’s ready for some ‘me’ time. She’s out to bag her Mr Right!”

So why does she date Lloyd?
“Perhaps she wants to get at Steve through Lloyd.”

Does Steve fancy her?
“She knows there’s definitely a connection between them – they make each other laugh and are very comfortable in each other’s company.”

Is Steve jealous about her going out with Lloyd?
“It looks that way. I can’t give too much away at this point but it is going to get very gritty!”

She’ll make Michelle angry if she makes a move on Steve!
“I think Andrea will be able to hold her own and personally I’m hoping for some real stand-offs between Andrea and Michelle. We’ve already had eye-rolling, sarcasm and a few insults exchanged but I can’t wait for it to get dirty!”

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