Corrie’s Helen: Gail will always stick her oar in

Coronation Street‘s Helen Worth has said Gail Platt will never stop interfering in other people’s lives.

Gail’s plan to expose her mum Audrey Roberts’ boyfriend Lewis Archer as a crook is set to backfire on Corrie when he realises he is being set up. But actress Helen said the fallout will only stop Gail meddling temporarily.

She told the Coronation Street website: “I am confident that when the next occasion arises where she can stick her oar into other people’s business she probably will. She really can’t help herself, can she. She would not be Gail if she bit her tongue and let people get on with their own lives. She likes to have an opinion and she likes other people to know what that opinion is.”

Helen added: “Gail just can’t help herself really, their lives are all closely linked, Gail works in the Bistro with Nick, David and Kylie work in Audrey’s salon so they really are a close family unit whether they like it or not.

“You cannot keep a secret for long in her family. She always believes that her advice or actions are for the best even if other members of the family don’t see it that way.”

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