Corrie’s Helen: ‘Gail’s scheming goes badly wrong’

Coronation Street‘s Helen Worth fills in Soaplife on how Gail’s determination to bring about the downfall of Lewis has backfired spectacularly – breaking Audrey’s heart and making Gail nervous about what Lewis might do next!

So, why did Gail try to set up Lewis to run off with Gloria?

“She felt that if Lewis fell into her trap she’d have been justified in plotting against him. If he didn’t then, despite his past, they would know he is the genuine article and she would be happy for Audrey. Gail always believes that her advice or actions are for the best, even if other members of the family don’t see it that way.”

But Gail’s plan backfired. Does she regret it?

“Gail’s quite defensive when Lewis learns that he was being set up. She sees it as giving him a taste of his own medicine. Even though it has caused upset in Audrey and Lewis’s relationship, Gail still sees it as a good thing that they tested Lewis and he passed that test.” 

But Audrey’s inconsolable because Lewis has found out she was in on Gail’s plan. How does that make Gail feel?

“Gail does feel bad about that and she realises her scheming’s gone very badly wrong. She even attempts to apologise to Lewis and she tells him she’s ashamed of her actions. Lewis insists Gail’s meddling has put paid to any future he may have had with Audrey. But Gail also believes that her mum’s relationship with Lewis would have eventually ended in tears anyway. This way it just ended quicker.”

Audrey doesn’t see it that way, though and is very unforgiving…

“Gail was only trying to do her best and protect Audrey but her actions have led to Audrey being left lonely and broken-hearted. Audrey’s harsh words in telling Gail that she will never forgive her makes Gail even more determined to rectify the hurt she has caused.”

Which involves spending money on Lewis!

“Gail knows that Lewis has pawned his father’s watch to raise money so he can repay Audrey. She also knows it took a lot for Lewis to pawn such a treasured family heirloom so she buys the watch back for him as a grand gesture of goodwill. She now firmly believes that she got it wrong in ever doubting Lewis.”

Meanwhile, Lewis gets his revenge on Gloria and humiliates her. Is Gail worried she’ll be next?

“It does cross Gail’s mind that she could be in Lewis’s firing line. Lewis could be biding his time before setting Gail up for a fall…”

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