Corrie’s Jack, Ben and Paula talk David’s revenge

Jack P Shepherd, Ben Price and Paula Lane tell TV Times magazine what happens when David discovers Kylie’s baby secret in Coronation Street

Are you all glad that the big secret is finally coming out?
Jack: “Yes because we have all been racking our brains for so long now, thinking ‘What is David going to do?’ I’m pleased because we are going to see evil David again. People have been asking ‘When will he turn nasty again?’ and I can finally say ‘Now!’”
Ben: “I had no thoughts about when it should come out, but I am excited about the reveal.”
Paula: “I am, but it is still a bit of a slow burner for Kylie, because she doesn’t realise David knows. Every time I get a new script I am thinking ‘Am I going to be on the receiving end of David’s anger?'”

Will there be a big showdown?
Jack: “No, David overhears Kylie talking to Gail. He knows that Nick could be the baby’s father and hears that it was a one-night stand and that she loves David. Rather than have a big fight, David decides to keep hold of the secret and do one bad thing after another to try and wreck Nick’s life.”
Ben: “Nick knows something is up, but he doesn’t think it is anything to do with David. You have to remember that Sally knows the secret, so you might as well announce it on a foghorn. Nick knows that a time bomb is ticking and that he is going to have to deal with the fallout at some point.”
Paula: “At first, he has planned this vendetta against Gail and Nick, but keeps Kylie very close.”

What sort of stuff does David do to Nick?
Jack: “All sorts. At one point he smashes up his flat with a sledgehammer. They built a set for me to smash. They even bought a brand new flat screen 40” TV that hadn’t even been switched on for me to batter. I went for it until there was daylight.”
Ben: “All this stuff happens and Nick thinks he is having a run of bad luck. He thinks he has been burgled when the flat is trashed. Then, he thinks that Peter is behind it.”
Paula: “Kylie thinks it is a run of bad luck – people get burgled every day. With the Bistro, Leanne organises a student night, so when it is raided, it looks as if it is her fault. David is so clever that Kylie is not suspicious of him.”

Does anyone notice David acting differently?
Jack: “At first, he flies off the handle and attacks Gail. She is like ‘What is this all about?’ They are all worried about him, but once he starts plotting he calms down.”
Ben: “Nick doesn’t notice anything strange about David. Not at any point.”
Paula: “In her own little mind Kylie is trying to keep this family together and block out the guilt. She doesn’t have a clue that David is giving her dark smiles or plotting.”

Does David think about killing himself?
Jack: “Yes, he stands on the edge of a cliff, closes his eyes and thinks about jumping, but in that moment, Max calls and tells David he loves him. David realises then that he wants to be with Max and Kylie. They called me and said ‘How are you with vertigo?’ Luckily I am not afraid of heights, but at one point, I had to stand on the edge, close my eyes and rock back and forth. I had a harness on my ankle, but I didn’t want to go over and bang my head on the cliff.”
Ben: “Nick is oblivious to all of this. He thinks it is business as usual. “
Paula: “They are at the holiday cottage together and his behaviour is a bit odd. Kylie comes into the living room and David walks out and she finds him at the top of a cliff. She is worried that it is due to his epilepsy. That is what she puts any strange behavior down to.”

Who will win the battle between David and Nick?
Jack: “Well, Nick doesn’t know there is a battle, so David has an advantage. He is very clever.  He will ruin Nick’s home, his business, his marriage, but all the time, he makes it look as if somebody else is responsible. At the end of each day, David is there for Nick to have a drink and be best mates.”
Ben: “Nick would win. You have to remember, he is Brian Tilsley’s son. David thinks he is nasty, but Nick can be worse. Nick knows that David can be a bit nutty, but he doesn’t consider him that much of threat.”
Paula: “I would say David – he is like the Terminator whereas Nick is more emotional. I have never worked with ‘evil David’ and when I see him on the monitor being mean to Gail, I think ‘Oh dear, what is he going to do to me?’”

Who do you want the baby’s father to be?
Jack: “I want it to be Nick’s baby. I would love to see the absolute devastation on David’s face. It would absolutely kill him. He would do that silent cry. We don’t know who the father will be. The producer told us they have written both endings, they are both brilliant and they can’t decide.”
Ben: “Nick. He wants a child. Then again, if it was his baby it might destroy him and everything he holds dear. I think it would be more interesting if it were Nick’s baby, as it would always serve as a reminder of what he did. How he betrayed David.”
Paula: “I want it to be David’s because I want their marriage to survive. I think they are one of the strongest couples on the street. It’s funny because Jack has just announced he is going to be a dad again and people keep saying to him ‘Is it Nick’s?’”

Will David and Kylie’s marriage survive? And what about Nick’s?
Jack: “When Paula and I heard about the story, we both said we hoped they wouldn’t split Kylie and David up.”
Ben: “I would like to see Nick’s marriage destroyed and for there to be a reconciliation.”
Paula: “I don’t know what will happen. It is written so well, it’s hard to second guess. I really hope David and Kylie stay together.”

Do you three get along?
Jack: “We do and we all love the story. Paula has been a great addition to the Platts. It’s been great fun coming into work and taking the mickey out of her. Ben and I absolutely annihilate her.”
Ben: “We do treat Paula like a sister. But the Platts are a tight unit. You become attached to your family. Helen has become a bit like our mum, she tells us off for taking the mickey out of Paula.”
Paula: “They drive me nuts! They are always playing pranks. They lead me down the garden path. They are like annoying big brothers. As a family, we spend all our time together, even if we have a break. It is like this exclusive group. Like a real family.”


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