Corrie’s Jack P Shepherd: ‘David will fight to the death to keep hold of Max’

David discovers the truth about Kylie’s drug habit – and forgives her! But Coronation Street’s Jack P Shepherd warns Soaplife that David will go to his dark side to keep Callum away from his family…

David Platt wants to know where Kylie keeps sneaking off to. “He’s tired of being left to see to the kids while she swans off all the time. But he’s also worried about her, he’s convinced she must be drinking and he’s deeply suspicious about what she’s up to,” Jack tells Soaplife. There’s one person who might know: Kylie’s best mate, Eva…

What does David say to Eva (Catherine Tyldesley)?
“He forces Eva to help when Kylie [Paula Lane] goes AWOL again. Eva takes him to The Dog and Gun. David and Eva hide as they watch Kylie being handed what are obviously drugs. It’s a massive shock to David, who then follows Kylie into the toilets and catches her red-handed.”

What does he do?
“He’s furious. It was tricky filming this scene because Paula was six months’ pregnant. I wanted to burst in the toilets and throw her around, but obviously I couldn’t so I grabbed her head and pushed her against the wall. It had to be an extreme reaction to show how David’s feeling. He tries to follow her into a cubicle and when she locks the door, he kicks it in. He grabs the drugs off her and throws them in her face.”

Why doesn’t he try talking to her instead of freaking out?
“He’s just in shock and says, ‘That’s it! Forget it! I don’t want to know you any more’. But then he sleeps on it and realises he can’t chuck her out just before Christmas. Kylie pleads to be given a second chance and David says he’ll help her get through it… as long as she promises not to do drugs again. She vows she won’t.”

Does he believe her?
“He chooses to this once. Christmas is around the corner and he has to think of the kids. David can’t bring himself to throw her out. He also desperately wants his marriage to survive.”

How would David feel if he knew Max’s dad Callum was Kylie’s dealer?
“David knows nothing about Callum. He assumes Kylie’s dealer is Macca and she lets him believe that. Finding out that the dealer is Max’s dad could well tip David over the edge.”

So when Callum comes into the salon for a haircut, David still has no idea who he is?
“None. Callum gives him a hefty tip, but David just thinks he’s a bit of a flash customer. Obviously Kylie’s on tenterhooks, but David doesn’t pick up on that.”

Will David fight for Max if Callum wants custody of the lad?
“David will fight to the death to keep hold of Max. Bad David may well return as he battles to save his family and pits his evil genius against Callum.”

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