Corrie’s Jack P Shepherd: ‘David’s on the warpath. He wants someone to pay!’

Coronation Street’s Jack P Shepherd says David Platt takes Kylie's death extremely badly – and he'll be looking to make the culprit pay

How will heartbroken David Platt cope following the shocking death of his wife, Kylie Platt? Coronation Street’s Jack P Shepherd tells Soaplife that he’ll want revenge!

How is David coping?
“It’s very up and down. At times, he can pretend he’s doing all right. But that’s just a facade and he has a lot of very bad moments, usually when he’s with the kids. That’s when it all falls apart for him and he gets very emotional.”

He’s also vengeful. Is David’s family worried about him?
“Yes. They’re all walking on eggshells because they don’t know if he’s coping. He wants to blame somebody for taking Kylie away and, now she’s not there to rein him in, he’s on the warpath. Everything was going great in his life and he wants someone to pay for what happened.”

Are we about to see the return of ‘bad boy’ David?
“He’s never really gone away. We know David doesn’t respond well under pressure and I’m really looking forward to watching how it all plays out over the coming months.”

Can you talk us through the scene where David visits Kylie in the chapel of rest?
“Initially, they were going to shoot it without showing the body, but Paula [Lane, who played Kylie] said she was prepared to do it. So now you see David talking to his dead wife. It made the scenes more emotional for me to play, as David says goodbye to Kylie for the last time.”

What does the future hold David?
“For now, grief and a desire for revenge. But in the long term, it will be interesting to see what sort of person he’ll become. He’s a great father so that will be his focus for a while.”

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