Corrie’s Jane Danson: ‘David is back to his evil best’

Coronation Street star Jane Danson has revealed that David Platt will stop at nothing in his plan to destroy Leanne and Nick Tilsley’s relationship.

Determined to get his revenge on his half-brother Nick (played by Ben Price) after finding out he had a fling with his wife Kylie (Paula Lane), David schemes and goes to cunning extremes to engineer problems for the couple.

Jane, who plays Leanne, told Coronation Street‘s official website: “David has been planting all these little seeds to make it look like there’s something going on between Leanne and Peter.

“David is back at his evil best. He’s really unpredictable when he’s in this frame of mind and he stops at nothing,” the actress added.

When Leanne receives an expensive bunch of flowers from a mystery sender, David (Jack P Shepherd) casts doubt in Nick’s mind about who could have sent them, hinting that former love-rival Peter Barlow could be behind the gesture.

“David’s plan is doing the trick because he’s causing tension between them and bringing up all their old insecurities,” Jane continued.

His crusade continues when he vandalises Peter’s car, making it look like Nick has done the damage. It comes after he smashed up Nick’s flat, which he shares with wife Leanne and her stepson Simon Barlow.

“David knows that as soon as he brings Peter into the equation it’ll get Nick’s back up,” Jane said.

She added: “David’s got this very warped mind so who knows how far he’ll go. I think he’ll try and ruin them like he’ll be ruined if the baby does turn out not to be his. He doesn’t want to hurt Kylie, especially as the baby could be his, so he’s focusing all his anger on Nick.”


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