Corrie’s Jane Danson: ‘Karl threatens Leanne!’

Jane Danson reveals to Soaplife that Leanne could be killer Karl’s next victim in Coronation Street!

So Leanne hasn’t warmed to Karl since he saved her mum in The Rovers blaze?
“She thinks he’s a waste of space and not good enough for her mum. She’s so unforgiving of his past mistakes and constantly sees the bad in him… In her eyes he’s a complete loser and reminds Stella he cheated on her and stole from her. Leanne’s not going to forgive him for those things.”

Does she suspect that he might have had a hand in starting the fire?
“I don’t think she’s suspicious as such, she just doesn’t trust him to be better this time around and she doesn’t like the fact that he’s managed to worm his way back in. There’s this whole business of Stella needing money because the insurance company’s not paying out… Leanne’s found herself with money after selling Carla her share of the bookies, but she’s not prepared to hand it over to her mum if Karl’s going to be a part of it. Leanne tells Stella she’ll lend her the money as long as Karl is out of the equation, but Stella rejects her offer.”

So Leanne’s not happy when Karl asks Stella to marry him?
“No! She tells them she won’t be there that day and whatever date they choose she’ll be busy. She’s basically washing her hands of the whole situation.”

But she does warn Stella that marrying Karl will be a terrible mistake…
“And Karl threatens her in the street, telling her to stop poisoning Stella against him or she’ll regret it. He grabs her by the wrist and she tells him she isn’t scared of him, but when he walks off she’s visibly shaken. He’s quite a big bloke and quite strong, so physically he could scare her.”

How would Leanne react if she knew the truth about how the fire started?
“She’d find it hard not to say to Stella that she told her so! I hope that the truth doesn’t come out for a while, though… There’s so much potential for Karl to do even more damage!”


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