Corrie’s Jane Danson: ‘Peter betrays Leanne!’

Coronation Street‘s Jane Danson tells Soaplife that Leanne is devastated when Peter lies to her about Carla – again!

Just when Leanne and her mum are finally bonding, it looks like she could lose Peter when she discovers he still cares for Carla. He kept Carla’s secret that it was her not Frank who nearly killed Stella. And when Peter discovers Frank has raped Carla he’s out for his blood. “Leanne hoped Carla had finally given up on her obsession with having Peter,” Jane tells Soaplife. Instead she’s about to discover Peter’s made it stronger than ever…

What does Leanne think when she hears Carla’s wedding is off?

“She doesn’t find out until after the attack and she’s angry with Peter because she discovers he did know. Leanne doesn’t understand why Peter didn’t tell her.”

How does Leanne feel when Peter tells her Frank raped Carla?

“She’s concerned, as any woman would be, but to be honest it makes her more suspicious of Carla and Peter’s relationship. She wonders if it was because of Peter that Carla called off the wedding.”

Then Peter attacks Frank and is arrested…

“Leanne’s horrified when she hears about it. She demands to know why he’s being so protective of Carla and suggests his feelings for her are much deeper than he’s letting on.”

And Frank tells Leanne the truth about who ran over Stella…

“She visits him in prison because she needs answers. She senses Peter and Carla are not being truthful, but believes Frank has no reason to lie. To find out Peter knew it was Carla who really ran down Stella is shocking. It’s a huge betrayal considering it was her mother who was almost killed.”

And Leanne confronts Carla and finds Peter there…

“Yes and she’s furious, but not surprised Peter’s there comforting Carla. There is no doubt in Leanne‚Äôs mind that Peter has feelings for Carla and she demands answers from both of them.”

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