Coronation Street‘s Jane Danson reveals to Soaplife how Leanne ends up back in Nick’s arms – and then has to get between Peter and Nick!

Nick was a big support to Leanne when she was fighting for custody of Simon. Is she surprised when he tells her he still loves her?
“Nick’s got it all – he’s successful, good-looking, a decent family man, kind of the whole package. Leanne hadn’t been going out for him, but when he makes his feelings clear she thinks they could have a nice life together.”

So Leanne still loves him, too?
“She doesn’t really question whether she loves him or not. I think what’s happened with Peter has toughened her up a bit and I don’t think she’s prepared to get hurt again. I think she’s always known that Nick loves her more than she loves him.”

So does Leanne love Peter more?
“I think Peter is probably the love of her life, but he’s hurt her so badly I don’t know if she could ever go back.”

The news Nick and Leanne are back together isn’t celebrated by Eva. What happens?
“Eva thinks they’ve been having an affair and is upset that her sister would do that to her. Stella tries to be the mediator at first, but that doesn’t work. There a lot of tears and tantrums from Eva, but Leanne insists she hasn’t done anything wrong and that Eva needs to get over it.”

But Stella sides with Eva and asks Leanne to move out…
“And in true Battersby fashion Leanne brings up the whole ‘you left me when I was a child so it must be easy dumping me the second time round’. She’s hard about it, she has to be.”

Peter doesn’t take the news well, either. Does Leanne care?
“I think what irks Peter most is the history between Leanne and Nick, but she says, ‘You didn’t want me, keep out of my life’. But of course because Simon’s there he’s got a vested interest in her life.”

Do you think Nick and Leanne can be happy?
“What Nick proposes to her is what it says on the tin: live with me in a nice flat, I’ll look after you, love you and make you happy. He’s got a good job, he’s much more stable than Peter, he’s basically everything Peter isn’t. So she’s looking on it as a totally different life and a fresh start for her and Simon. She’s trying to be practical about everything. She does have feelings for Nick, but she’s thinking with her head more than anything else.”