Coronation Street‘s Jennie McAlpine reveals to Soaplife how Fiz becomes another victim of Kirsty’s violence when she tries to help Tyrone stand up to her.

Fiz hates seeing the way Kirsty is abusing Tyrone, doesn’t she?

“Fiz and Tyrone have been good mates for a long time. So to see Tyrone so helpless is difficult for Fiz. As Tyrone’s friend Fiz has tried all different tactics to make him see what Kirsty is really like. She’s frustrated that Tyrone won’t leave Kirsty.”

And Fiz encourages Tyrone to stand up for himself…

“Kirsty gets jealous of the friends Tyrone’s making at the mother and baby group and bans him from going. So Fiz tells Tyrone that he can’t let Kirsty dictate his life and encourages him to ignore Kirsty and go to the group’s party.”

And he does! But Kirsty finds out and orders Tyrone out…

“So Fiz lets Kirsty know that she knows what happened. You can clearly see that just Fiz talking about Tyrone makes Kirsty’s blood boil.”

And that’s when Kirsty hurts Fiz…

“Fiz is having problems with her sewing machine and asks Julie to switch off the power to her machine so that she can try and fix the needle. But, unseen by anyone [except the viewers], Kirsty switches the power back on and Fiz’s fingers are caught in the machine.”

Ouch! What happens next?

“It’s Kirsty who rushes to help. She very calmly takes charge of the situation and offers to take Fiz to the hospital.”

And then Kirsty lets Fiz know she caused the accident…

“At the hospital, Fiz mentions Tyrone and Kirsty’s anger flares up again. She grabs hold of Fiz’s injured fingers and tells her she was lucky – the accident could have been a lot worse. That’s when Fiz realises what Kirsty did.”

Is she scared of Kirsty?

“Fiz is quite a tough cookie, but Kirsty does disturb her. She has now seen what Tyrone has to cope with when Kirsty gets angry.”

And she tells Tyrone what happened…

“Tyrone comes round to check on Fiz’s injury, but he doesn’t believe Kirsty did it. Fiz is very upset.”

So she tells factory bosses Rob and Michelle. Do they believe her?

“No. Poor Julie is still blaming herself and everyone thinks Kirsty was the one who helped Fiz. Kirsty’s really smug so Fiz calls the police. But with no real evidence they can’t investigate the matter any further.”

Kirsty’s clearly a dangerous enemy. Is Fiz prepared for a bitter battle?

“Fiz is very stubborn and has a sense of justice – and she really cares about Tyrone. She will want to see this through to the end. She wants the truth to come out.”