Coronation Street‘s Jennie McAlpine reveals to Soaplife how Fiz feels when she sees John fighting for his life just as she fights for her freedom in court…

It turns out John’s watching Fiz in court and planning to free her. How would she feel if she knew?
“I can’t believe he’s watching! That’s what great about Corrie; the audience will know he’s there, but Fiz won’t and they’ll be wondering if he’ll be able to save her. I hope he will.”

The trouble is, John has kidnapped Rosie again as part of his plan. What would Fiz make of that?
“I don’t think she’d be surprised. Let’s face it, it’s not the strangest thing that John’s done, is it?!”

Unsurprisingly, his plan goes wrong and he ends up in hospital. How does Fiz feel when she hears?
“I think there might be a bit of love still there, especially when she thinks he’s going to die and she realises he did come back for her. I know she’s stupid, but it’s a love for what could have been.”

What happens when she’s taken to see him?
“There are some emotional scenes where they’re very honest with each other, I think viewers will have to get their tissues out. Fiz has Hope with her and there’s love and sadness for what could have been because in that moment their little family is together.”

Does she want John to live to clear her name – or because she still loves him?
“A bit of both, I think. In the moment when she’s in that room with him she forgets she’s on trial for murder and they’re just Fiz and John together…”