Corrie’s Jennie McAlpine warns: ‘A happy ending isn’t on the cards for Fiz and Tyrone’

Cancer-stricken Hope is home for Christmas – and Tyrone proposes! It’s happy days for Fiz, Coronation Street’s Jennie McAlpine reveals to Soaplife.

But 2016 doesn’t look good…

It actually looks like Hope will be in hospital at Christmas, doesn’t it?
“Yes. Hope develops another virus, which comes as a big shock when she seemed to be doing so well. Fiz and Tyrone [Alan Halsall] are devastated to be told she may have to spend Christmas in hospital. But Fiz is able to bring Hope home to Tyrone’s winter wonderland on Christmas Eve. The Street looks absolutely incredible. Tyrone really has brought Lapland to Weatherfield. There are Christmas trees, pantomime reindeer, Santa, elves, snow, giant presents and a carousel!”

Did Fiz know what he was planning?
“She knew he had something up his sleeve, but nothing like this. She thinks he’s called in favours from friends and family, which to some degree he has. But she has no idea he still owes money for the rest of it.”

Tyrone also has another surprise for Fiz…
“Yes. He presents her with an engagement ring. The way he does this is brilliant – a lot of men out there will want to copy it. Again, she had no idea he was planning this and she’s thrilled. I’d love to see Fiz get married to Tyrone, but she’s sure to find out about the money soon, so a happy ending is not really on the cards.”

How will Fiz react when she finds out how much debt they’re in?
“She’ll be devastated that Tyrone has betrayed her like this. She already knew about him not cancelling Lapland and having to shell out for that. To discover he’s carried on spending, and on things they could have done without, will be a real blow to her and make her question their relationship. For now, though, ignorance is bliss.”

Does it feel like 2016 will be better for them?
“Things are looking a lot brighter. Hope is responding well to treatment and Fiz is engaged to Tyrone. But this is soap and problems are always just around the corner!”

Coronation Street, ITV.


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