Coronation Street’s Jennie McAlpine reveals to Soaplife how Tyrone and Fiz do a runner with baby Ruby – and run right into trouble with the cops!

What does Fiz think about Ty’s plan to snatch Ruby?

“She thinks it’s a bad idea from the start. But Tyrone is determined and because Fiz loves him she agrees to go along with it.”

Do they leave Coronation Street?

“They end up hiding out in Wales. Tyrone is desperate to get out of the country but they need more money. Meanwhile, Kirsty’s set the police on to them.”

And the police catch them before they even try to leave the country!

”It’s what Fiz thought would happen. In a way she’s relieved but she’s also worried about what’s going to happen.”

For a start, they’re both arrested!

“Tyrone tells the police Fiz had nothing to do with the abduction, even though she did agree to go along with it. But that’s Tyrone through and through, he’s selfless. The police let Fiz go but keep Tyrone.”

What will happen to Tyrone now?

“The problem is that running off has made him look guilty of Kirsty’s abuse charge; he’s just played into Kirsty’s hands.” 

Which means he could go to prison!

“Yes, even though he’s not the bad one. It’s one of those great stories where the viewer also knows he’s innocent. Maybe there will be a ‘Free Tyrone’ campaign!”