Coronation Street’s new boy Jimi Mistry introduces his character to Soaplife… His name’s Kal and he’s a fitness instructor set to shape up the Street!

Kal’s first challenge is Dev, isn’t it?

“Yes. Dev’s been moaning about being unfit so Gary sets him up with Kal, one of his army buddies.”

Do Kal and Dev hit it off?

“They do – even if the fitness plan Kal devises for him is tough. They become friends. Like Dev, Kal has lost his wife and is a single dad.”

Do we meet Kal’s family?

“Not at this stage as he doesn’t live in the Street. We know he has a son of about 16 or 17 so Kal, which is short for Khalid by the way, must have been young when his son was born. Kal refers to his son and you get the impression the boy’s quite demanding.”

Do we know anything about how his wife died?

“That will come out eventually. Gary must know about it – he and Kal know each other inside out.”

What’s Kal like?

“He’s an alpha male, but nice with it. There’s another side to him, too, though and that will start to show itself when he’s established himself on the Street.”

Is Dev his only client?

“Initially, but then he starts working on Nick. Leanne wants Kal to rehabilitate her husband and get him stronger after his accident. Kal’s relationship is much more fraught with Nick than it is with Dev as Nick has so many issues.”

Kal could open a gym!

“That’s a definite possibility for 2014. I really hope it happens. Just think of the potential for comedy.”

Soaplife bets Kal will get loads of attention from the ladies…

“I get the impression he’s quite a ladies’ man, but we’ll have to see who takes his fancy. Bev Callard has told me she wants it to be Liz who catches his attention!”