Corrie’s Jimi Mistry: Kal and Leanne are loved up, but sacrifice their feelings!

Coronation Street star Jimi Mistry (Kal Nazir) lifts the lid on Kal and Leanne’s first night together and the split the very next day…

Kal wants Leanne and, just for one blissful moment, he thinks he’s got her when they finally give in to their feelings and sleep together. “This is something Kal and Leanne have wanted for a while and they just can’t help themselves – it’s a night that’s about them and not Nick,” Jimi tells Soaplife.

Ah, yes. Nick. Surely now’s the time to tell Nick how they feel about each other. But can they?

How does Kal react when Nick tells him Leanne is giving him another chance?
“Kal feels frustrated. He understands why Leanne hasn’t told Nick that she doesn’t want him back, but he also knows he can’t carry on like this. He does know that Leanne really likes him, too.”

Why does he wind up Nick at the gym?
“Guilt and frustration that he and Leanne can’t be together openly. The frustration takes over and Kal winds Nick up and Nick ends up punching Steve. Leanne’s furious with Kal.”

But it leads to Kal and Leanne sleeping together…
“They’re forced together when Nick invites Kal to eat with him and Leanne at The Bistro after Kal apologises to Nick for winding him up. It’s extremely awkward for Kal and Leanne – and made even worse because Nick is oblivious. After the evening’s ended, Kal has such a strong need to be with Leanne that he calls round to her flat. He tells her he can’t keep away any longer. He kisses her – and she kisses him back.”

And they spend the night together. How do they feel in the morning?
“They are so loved-up! But then Nick turns up unexpectedly at Leanne and Eva’s flat. It’s a bit of a shock.”

What happens?
“Poor Eva, who’s already in shock at seeing Kal and Leanne together, spins a story to Nick as Leanne and Kal hide. It’s an eye-opener for them as they realise Nick can’t find out accidentally as it would break him.”

Why does Nick call round?
“He wants Leanne to go to the movies with him. Leanne agrees and Kal’s quite angry and tells Nick that he’s deluded. But when Nick asks what he means, he can’t tell him the truth. I think he realises that telling Nick about their relationship isn’t going to be as easy as he thought.”

And that finishes Kal and Leanne?
“Nick has made progress, but he still has a long way to go. Kal and Leanne both realise being together would completely set Nick back and neither of them wants that.”

But it’s such a big sacrifice!
“Huge. At the time it feels like the right thing to do, but I’m not sure how long they’ll be able to resist each other. And if Nick finds out that Kal and Leanne spent the night together, who knows how he will react…”