Corrie’s Jimmi: ‘Dev should throw Sunita out’

Coronation Street‘s Jimmi Harkishin tells Soaplife how Dev finds out that Sunita has been cheating on him – and reveals what Dev does about it!

Dev has no idea that Sunita and Karl are having an affair when he nearly catches them in the shop…

“Dev is dressed as Adam Ant [for a street party], Karl is Tom Jones and Sunita is Beyonce, so it is quite comical. Karl dives behind the counter. It’s a heightened Corrie reality and funny because he doesn’t catch them at it. It’s much more serious when he finally confronts her about whether there is someone else.”

Sunita tells Dev she’s not sure that she loves him. How does he feel?

“He deeply loves his children and cares about the family unit. This happening has made him stand up and take stock. It’s like someone holding up a mirror to him and making him look at his life and question it.”

Then when he finds her with a packed bag he realises there is another man…

“He says to her, ‘I know there is somebody else, but I don’t want to know any details just come back’. He’s devastated, but he is prepared to take a lot and forgive a lot if it means keeping his family together. I don’t know if he’s ever going to find out her lover is Karl and it would be great to have that sitting there as a timebomb with the viewers knowing something Dev doesn’t know.”

What advice would you give to Dev if he was your friend?

“I would say, ‘Dev, mate, you’ve tried your best. Throw her out and find a 22-year-old with a bit of cash.'”