Corrie’s Jimmi: ‘Dev’s determined to clear Sunita’s name’

Jimmi Harkishin tells Soaplife why devoted Dev starts a crusade to prove that Sunita is not an arsonist and a killer in Coronation Street

So, why is Dev suddenly convinced of Sunita’s innocence?
“Aadi and Asha are being bullied at school over the fire, so he asks them outright if they believe their mother really did this? It’s a brutal and bare moment for Dev. At that point he has a sort of epiphany, a moment of complete disbelief that Sunita had the capacity to cause all of this.”

And he tells everyone in The Rovers?
“He’s not being bombastic about it. He just declares her innocence and presents the evidence to everyone that’s there, including Karl.”

Does Dev see the horror on Karl’s face?
“No, because he sees Karl as a friend now. Anyway, Karl has got a bomb-proof alibi for the night of the Rovers fire and, of course, he’s being seen as a hero for going in and saving Stella.”

Dev asks the police to re-open their investigation. Is he expecting too much?
“He knows there’s no hard evidence that says Sunita didn’t do it. But the police almost assumed that it must have been her and when she died the case was closed. Dev still has so many unanswered questions, though…”

So Karl starts telling people he’s worried for Dev’s mental state? Will Karl’s ploy work?
“I think most people are worried for Dev’s mental state! Quite rightly, too. He’s totally fractured and his behaviour is erratic. But it all comes from his need to find the truth. He’s determined to clear Sunita’s name!”


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