Coronation Street actor John Michie says Karl Munro will find a way to charm his way back into Stella’s life.

The gambling addict and ladies man is set to be thrown out of The Rovers by his landlady girlfriend when she discovers he has been stealing money from the pub to fund his habit. But John, who plays charmer Karl, told the Coronation Street website he’ll soon win round Stella again.

He said: “I don’t think this is the end of Karl and Stella just yet. Karl might seem stupid, but he’s not – he’s a real operator. So he’s not going to let Stella out of his life that easily.

“He’ll find a way to get back, and he’ll find a way to keep Sunita dangling on a string.”

A romance has been blossoming between Karl and barmaid Sunita (Shobna Gulati) who is feeling lonely after problems with her own marriage. But John revealed conman Karl is just using her.

He said: “He has taken a shine to Sunita – mainly because he reckons she listens to him and Stella doesn’t.

“And Karl is a bit of a user, so if there’s someone around that he can use, for whatever purposes, he’s inclined to go down that road.”