Corrie’s John: ‘Karl will do anything to silence Dev!’

John Michie reveals to Soaplife that Karl is so desperate to bury the fact that he killed Sunita that he’s ready to kill again in Coronation Street. That’s the only way he can think of to stop Dev digging up the truth!

Karl thought he was in the clear, didn’t he?
“Yes… and no. He’s confident that he’s gotten away with starting the Rovers fire. But he’s very nervous about Sunita’s death. Dev’s snooping could potentially ruin it all for him and destroy his chances of having the one thing he’s always wanted, which is Stella. His obsession with her will take him to God only knows where.”

Dev’s asked the police to reopen the investigation into Sunita’s death. Is Karl worried?
“Karl is doing everything in his power to make it seem as though Dev is completely unhinged. He thinks that will discredit Dev’s campaign to the police.”

So why is Karl spending more time with Dev?

”He’s trying to pacify Dev by being his confidante and helping him through his trauma, even though this makes Karl feel sick to the stomach.” 

It doesn’t work, though – and Karl thinks he’s going to have shut Dev up, doesn’t he?
“When Dev appears to be getting close to some sort of truth about the fire and Sunita through his investigations Karl begins to think that he’s going to have to take action.”

Such as hitting Dev over the head with one of his golfing trophies!

“Karl knows he has to stop Dev from going to the police, but he’s running out of ways to do this. He’s starting to think that the only option left is to kill Dev. He’s so caught up in the madness of the world in which he’s living in at the minute that he can’t think straight.”


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