John Michie admits to Soaplife that killing Toni and Sunita is something Karl will live with if it means he can have Stella in Coronation Street!

Karl the hero is really Karl the killer. Does he feel at all guilty?

“There’s a side of him that is completely pumped up by the hero bit. But he’s not a bad man, he’s not evil, so at the same time he is being eaten up by guilt.” 

But he’s making the most of being Stella’s saviour, isn’t he?

”He feels as if things are moving in the right direction, especially after she kisses him, ironically at Sunita’s funeral. He feels as if everything’s coming together for him. He’s totally in denial. He’s just loving the attention he’s receiving from Stella and trying to put the memory of what he’s had to do to get her out of his mind.”

Then his conscience is pricked by something Simon Barlow says…

“Simon tells Aadi and Asha that their mum Sunita won’t go to heaven because she stared the fire and that gets to Karl. His emotions are sky-high and he just loses it and turns on Simon.”

But Leanne sees him and is shocked…

”Karl knows that his main problem is going to be Leanne.”

Could Karl ever confess?

“He tries to! He confesses all to Stella, but she thinks he’s just blaming himself and being compassionate. In his mind he’s done what he needed to do, he confessed, and that’s the best he can do. He’s entirely caught up in himself and he will do anything to justify getting exactly what he wants.”