Coronation Street actor John Michie has revealed that his character Karl Munro will commit an arson attack.

Obsessed Karl will plunge to increasingly depraved depths as he kidnaps his ex Stella Price (Michelle Collins) and sabotages Jason Grimshaw’s (Ryan Thomas) van in the wake of their romance.

“He’s really really jealous. Jason is the young, good looking, fit guy that Karl used to be when he was a professional footballer, and he still has it in his head that he should have been the golden boy. He is consumed with jealousy and anger,” John told Coronation Street‘s official website.

“His love for Stella is obsessive; he certainly sees it as love anyway. He can’t see how weird it is.”

Karl decides to burn Jason’s van to cause trouble for the builder, but while Jason figures out who was behind the attack, Stella refuses to believe Karl is responsible. “It’s not just about getting revenge or getting his own back. He wants Jason to fail as the boyfriend so it’s vindictive and nasty, there’s a definite plan,” explained John.

“He certainly thinks he has done a good job. He’s quite proud of his plan and how he took the van, where he blew it up and that nobody saw anything. He got a bit of a thrill out of that sort of devious behaviour.”

John admitted he’s having fun playing the bad Karl. “It’s always interesting to play the bad guy. He’s essentially not evil, he just gets caught up in situations and events certainly take over, then he has to deal with the consequences,” he said.