Corrie’s Kate Ford: ‘Ken thinks Tracy has sunk lower than ever after Deirdre’s death’

Tracy Barlow’s devastated by mum Deirdre’s death, but she’s quickly comforted by ex-husband Robert Preston, Coronation Street’s Kate Ford reveals to Soaplife.

Tracy is absolutely distraught by the news that her beloved mum, Deirdre, is dead.

“Tracy loved her mum more than anyone else in the world,” says Kate. “Without Deirdre’s constant and unwavering support, her life is going to be very different…” And very exciting, when things suddenly heat up with her ex-husband, Robert…

How does Tracy take the news about her mum’s death?
“Tracy’s devastated. Over the years, whatever Tracy’s done, even if she hasn’t agreed with it, Deirdre [the late Anne Kirkbride] always stood by her and loved her unconditionally. Tracy suddenly feels very alone without her mum.”

How is Tracy feeling about her mum’s funeral?
“Tracy throws herself into the funeral arrangements. She tries to be very efficient and busy herself with the plans in a bid to block out the pain.”

And she plans to change, doesn’t she?
“She wants to be a better daughter and a better mother and, yes, she sets about making some changes.”

How does Tracy feel when she spots her ex-husband, Robert, among the mourners at Deirdre’s funeral?
“Tracy’s struggling on the day of the funeral. She’s in bits over her mum and she’s also struggling with guilt over the fire. So when Tracy spots Robert she’s shocked but overwhelmed to see a familiar face. She loves the fact he’s there to support her.”

What makes her kiss him?
“Tracy can’t face the wake and she heads home alone. Then Robert [Tristan Gemmill] knocks at the door and she admits she could do with some company. He makes her some food and Tracy’s really touched by how caring he is. He says all the right things and he’s there when she desperately needs some comfort.”

Then Ken catches them kissing…
“And he’s furious. They’re in his house and that’s not what Ken [William Roache] expected to see when he got home. He shouts at Robert to get out and he thinks Tracy’s sunk lower than ever, but she just wanted to blot out the pain.”

Does Tracy have real feelings for Robert?
“He’s there when she needs someone, he’s saying all the right things and she likes that he likes her so much, even after all this time apart. I think she also likes the fact that he’s completely detached from all of the drama she’s had over the past couple of years.”

Is Deirdre’s death a turning point for Tracy?
“We’ll see…”

Coronation Street, ITV


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