Corrie’s Kate Ford: ‘Tracy’s surprised by the outcome when she goes to war with Carla’

Coronation Street’s Kate Ford warns Soaplife that Tracy’s bitter resentment towards Carla is about get nasty and violent…

There’s no doubt in Tracy’s mind who’s to blame for the mess her life’s in – Carla. The way Tracy sees it, if Carla had kept quiet Tracy would now be happily married to Rob with a still-thriving business. “Things come to a head when Ken [William Roache] takes Tracy to dinner at the Bistro to try and cheer her up, and she’s gutted to see Carla having a great time at the next table with Michelle, Liz and Tony,” Kate tells Soaplife. “Tracy blames Carla for her own unhappiness so to see Carla getting on with things absolutely kills her…”

And makes her want to kill Carla!

How’s Tracy coping without Rob?
“She’s completely lost and very bitter. As she struggles to process everything that’s happened to her over the past few weeks, she’s looking for someone to blame. Tracy’s very resentful towards Carla and insanely jealous of how Carla’s life appears to have remained unscathed by it all.”  

Carla’s also a better businesswoman than Tracy…
“Barlow’s Buys is in big trouble. Tracy’s irrational and makes rash, dangerous decisions. Rob was very good at pulling her back and making her see sense.”

Tony’s sniffing around the business, isn’t he?
“Yes. Tracy sends him packing for now, but I’m not sure she’ll be capable of resisting a tempting offer for long. Tony’s taking advantage of the fact that she’s vulnerable.”

So, what makes Tracy blow up at dinner?
“She’s at her lowest ebb and can’t stand seeing people happy – it reminds her of how much she’s lost without Rob. Then there are financial issues. In addition to her business woes, she still hasn’t paid Michelle for the wedding.”

How will Tracy’s anger play out?
“I think what Tracy wants is to cause as much damage to Carla’s life as she feels Carla has done to hers.”

Will there be a fight?
“When Carla sees what Tracy has done to her property, yes. Carla also has a lot of pent-up anger, so you’ll see the two women battling it out. It’s the first time they really let their walls down with one another.”

Who wins?
“That would be telling but you’ll be surprised by the outcome. Tracy certainly is!”

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