Corrie’s Kate Ford & Tristan Gemmill: ‘Why does Tracy destroy things now – why, why, why!?’ (VIDEO)

Corrie stars Kate Ford and Tristan Gemmill say Tracy Barlow’s pushed everyone too far and karma is about to hit her hard, especially when Robert leaves her.

Next week on Corrie, an anxious Johnny Connor decides to lock Tracy in the factory storeroom so he can be assured she won’t ruin Nick and Carla’s wedding – which she hadn’t planned on doing – but once she escapes, she wreaks vengeance…

Kate told What’s on TV she’s loving playing the storyline: “She’s pushed everybody too far and what I’m enjoying now as an actress playing Tracy, is the fact that for once, in 14 years, I’ve never ever known her so worried about where her life is and how far she’s pushed people and how to try and rein it back. So for me it’s something new to play, she’s finally pushed people way too far and she’s dealing with the karma of that, so it’s nice…”

Tristan said Robert has forgiven Tracy her many transgressions, because he knows there’s a decent person in there somewhere, but he finally has enough and won’t take her back this time.

“Each time [they’ve reunited] he’s been able to justify that in terms of knowing her nature and thinking that she might be remorseful about stuff,” he said. “But this one is a biggie because he just doesn’t understand why she would do it, why she would destroy what they have… They have the bistro in his name, they’re back together and Carla’s leaving, the three things that she really wants to happen she’s succeeeded in making happen, so why, why, why!?”

Kate doubts Robert would have fallen for Tracy without their past. “If he met her now, he wouldn’t, but because of the shared history they have… he has an accumulated love for her, but I don’t think if they met now, they would.”

Watch the interview with Kate Ford and Tristan Gemmill, above.


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