Corrie’s Kate: ‘It’s Tracy’s worst nightmare’

Coronation Street‘s Kate Ford reveals to Soaplife how Becky makes an uninvited appearance at Tracy’s wedding – and Becky isn’t there to give Tracy and Steve her blessing!

How does Tracy feel when Becky stands up at the wedding?

“When Tracy arrives at the church and sees Becky sat there she’s horrified. Becky is a a ticking time bomb and Tracy knows it. The moment where Becky stands up, just as the vicar asks if there’s any reason why they should not marry, is Tracy’s worst nightmare. Tracy knows it could be all over for her.”

Does she wish now she hadn’t lied about Becky pushing her down those stairs?

“She shouldn’t have lied, but Tracy was desperate. She’d just lost her babies and she was desperate not to lose Steve as well and this was the only way she could think of hanging onto Steve and getting Becky out of the picture.”

How devastated would she be if Steve did stop the wedding?

“Marrying Steve and being a proper family with Amy is all she’s dreamed of. It’s Tracy’s birthday and marrying Steve is the best present she could ever get. Tracy’s gone all out, it’s a big white wedding in a church, she’s got the dress, Amy as bridesmaid and Ken walking her down the aisle. She just needs to keep Becky quiet and she’ll finally get her man…”

But then Steve chases after Becky to the airport…

“Tracy’s devastated. She knew in her heart of hearts that Steve still loved Becky and he was only with her for the babies and Amy, but she hoped that over time as they lived as a family he’d grow to love her. Even at this stage I think she’d still be prepared to be with Steve, even knowing she was second best. Tracy will never give up on him!”