Corrie’s Kate: ‘Tracy feels she’s lost everything’

Coronation Street‘s Kate Ford reveals to Soaplife how Tracy faces tragedy when she miscarries the twins – when Steve’s with Becky!

Tracy still feels threatened by Becky, doesn’t she?

“Just when Tracy thought Becky was out of their lives she buys into Streetcars. She’s convinced Becky’s done it to get closer to Steve and she’s furious. She still thinks that Steve’s got some feelings for Becky. She’s on at Steve to do whatever it takes to get rid of her.”

But Steve secretly goes to a business dinner at a hotel with Becky – and Tracy finds out!

“And she goes completely ballistic. She jumps to the conclusion that Steve is cheating on her with Becky and she demands that Karl drives her to the hotel. The receptionist tells her that there’s no Steve McDonald booked into a room, but by that time Tracy’s convinced herself that there’s something going on. Frustrated and losing patience she storms off to look for herself.”

And then she suddenly collapses with stomach pains…

“She’s banging on random bedroom doors shouting for Steve when a security guard confronts her. But as he tells her to leave she suddenly feels a horrible twinge in her stomach and doubles up in pain. She’s terrified.”

But Deirdre goes with her to the hospital. Why doesn’t either of them try to contact Steve?

“Tracy’s in pieces. She’s devastated she may be losing her babies and at that point she just needs her mum. She’s also still convinced that Steve’s with Becky.”

How does she feel when she’s told she has lost both the babies?

“It’s incredibly painful for her both emotionally and physically and as an actress I was very nervous about playing it because it’s such an awful reality for some people. She really is devastated about losing the babies.”

What’s worse to her – the miscarriage, or the fear that she will now have no hold over Steve?

“She’s absolutely devastated, she really wanted the babies. But at the same time she’s terrified that she’s going to lose Steve as well. She thinks that now she’s lost the babies he’ll leave her and then she’ll have lost everything she ever wanted.”